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Welcome to Pre-K!

September 4, 2020
Dear Families,
Hello and welcome to our Lovett Family! Whether you're new to Lovett or have other children here already, you will hear that our students, "LOVE IT AT LOVETT!" It is our mantra because it's so true! We believe in building community through partnerships with our families first and we take the time to really engage with you as a team. We believe that teacher-student bonds are just as important as teacher-parent bonds. 
Even though we are in unprecedented times, we are preparing for online Pre-K classes. I would like to share with you what that looks like and what that means for you and your child this year. 
This last year school year suddenly completely flipped on us and we quickly adapted. We were still able to complete online learning successfully and this year, each student will be provided with a tablet and free Wi-fi and class will be one hour, each day. 
How did we still keep students engaged and learning? It was really simple. We texted a link to all of my parents using Google Hangouts. This is a free app. Students were each given a learning bag, which was filled with linking cubes, blocks, laminated alphabet cards, number cards, name tracing cards and various shapes, so that learning could be interactive and fun. 
We utilized various apps and built student accounts so parents could access books and online learning games such as SeeSaw, EPIC! for reading and literacy and Freckle to build math skills and numeracy. We also integrated really fun dance and movement videos on YouTube to keep kids moving and singing while we were together online.
While we weren't quite sure how that would turn out or how it would go, we were so pleased to see the amount of growth! I knew it was working when suddenly students knew their alphabet letters and sounds. They could spell their names independently and could count numbers and objects without hesitation. 
Building these very basic foundations is so very important to your child having a successful Kindergarten year. We look forward to being there with your child every day and we look forward to creating the best online learning experience. One hour a day will truly increase your child's education and we have the evidence to prove that.
We will provide more information in the coming days and weeks.
Ms. D'Andrea, Pre-K Teacher, Ms. Wells, Teacher Assistant
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Ms. Jessica D'Andrea
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Intro to our online learning success plan
We are going to have a great year, even though we aren't together, we are still so connected through our fun online learning program!