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Meet The Teachers

Hello! Many of you know me very well since I've been lucky enough to have worked at Lovett since 2007. I've had the honor of working for CPS for nearly 20 years. I am a Veteran teacher and I still have a lot of awesome things to say about CPS and of course, I LOVE IT AT LOVETT!
I am a two-time breast cancer survivor and a musician. I love to integrate art and music into my days with the kids. Having cancer twice, taught me how to handle my stress differently, as a complete necessity to survival, and then I learned something completely awesome, meditation works for kids too!
So if one of your kids has had me as a teacher, you then know how I use meditation to teach kids how to calm their bodies, minds and focus. Yes, even the little ones can do this and they learn to love it! 
To me, it's the best gift that I can give besides pushing students to learn how to read, write and think mathematically. It's a game-changer for students who have challenging behaviors or aren't quite sure how to interact or resolve their own conflicts.
I provide a "safe space" for students to develop social/emotional skills and teach them the skills they need to be successful in life with peers, teachers, families and even strangers. 
I look forward to creating little calm, smart, capable kids through differentiated instruction, social-emotional learning and meditation. I meet students "where they are" and move them even further throughout the year. You will see growth and you will see your child bloom. I can't wait to get started. 
Ms. D'Andrea
Ms. Wells and I first worked together at Herzl Elementary School on the Southwest side of Chicago. She came to Lovett in the fall of 2019 and we've enjoyed working together to make each child's day fun and exciting! We cannot wait to meet your little ones and get started with our new online classroom!