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How to Get on Live (Google Meet)

September 6, 2020
Hello all,
Here are step by step instructions for getting your child on live with the class everyday via Google Meet.
1. From my page on the Lovett website, click on "Google Classroom" on the left. 
2. Have your child log onto Google Classroom using their CPS credentials that I emailed to you on 9/5/20. Make sure that your child is logged in using ONLY THEIR CPS CREDENTIALS. Otherwise, they will not have access to the appropriate classes.
3. Once logged into Google Classroom, choose "McGee's Homeroom". I will start everyday from the Homeroom class and hold my live sessions from here.
4. To join Google Meet, click on the little camera at the top of the page.
*This needs to be done at 8:45, 11:50, and 1:30 everyday. I know it's a lot, but it will get easier with practice.
As mentioned above, I sent your child's CPS login credentials to the email addresses that were on file with the school on September 5, 2020. However, if you still need your child's CPS credentials, please email me as soon as possible. 
Mrs. McGee